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PouchWear ostomy support products are designed to protect, conceal, and support your ostomy bag so you can get back to doing the things you love without the constant worry.
With custom tailored ostomy belts, ostomy wraps, ostomy shower covers, ostomy pillows, and ostomy pouch covers you are sure to find what will suit your needs. Products are custom tailored using your body and ostomy bag measurements to ensure a one-of-a-kind, custom fit that can’t be found anywhere else. Would you prefer a custom made suit or dress? Or a one-size-fits-all chart that will always leave something left to be desired.
Having an ostomy just means we have one more area to protect, conceal, and support. Don’t trade a physical disease for a mental one.
Don't just conceal, support!
Our goal is to offer you all the peace of mind needed, and to help those that still suffer from the constant discomforts involved with having an ostomy. This is for the child who already has to deal with too much, the teenager who has enough pressure, the college student that needs to focus on studies, the business person who needs that security and comfort, the athlete who needs to be worry free when competing, the parent that has a family to focus on, and the everyday person who just wants their life back. You too can have the security, confidence, the comfort, and the worry free ostomy life we all deserve. Haven't we been through enough?
PouchWear Ostomy Bag Holder
Providing you the freedom you've been searching for!
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Ostomy Support Belts   Ostomy Support Wraps

Four different ostomy support belt wear styles, coupled with your choice of support specialization in the form of fabric options, to get the most out of life again!

Choose your wear style:

  • Simplicity Ostomy Belt: the single-closure ostomy support belt, closures located on the side of the body opposite the stoma site.
  • Sleek Ostomy Belt: the no-closure ostomy support belt, worn like a waist band, is meant to be seen
  • Original Ostomy Belt: the double-closure, two-piece ostomy support belt, seperate pieces allow for easy reorder.
  • Multi-Wear Ostomy Belt: the double closure, three-piece ostomy support belt, seperate pieces allow for easy reorder.


  • Fully encloses the ostomy bag, bag will no longer touch the skin.
  • Flip-out pocket and flex ring for support & convenience.
  • Internally lined with neoprene for comfort, durability, and a form fit to the body without digging into, or bruising, the skin.
  • Fully customized to fit your body, your activities, and your life.
  • All belts, with the exception of the Sleek Ostomy Belt that has no closures, contain hook & eye closures for sturdy, quiet, and discreet equipping/un-equipping.

All ostomy support belts can be worn 24/7 and are customized with ActiveWearSwimWear, or RelaxedWear support specialization in numerous colors & designs.


Obtain ostomy bag support with an ostomy support wrap, now in three different wear styles!

  • Custom Ostomy Wrap: Fully enclose the ostomy bag & holds the appliance snug to the body in an internal pocket. Ostomy bag will not touch the skin.
  • CoverUp Ostomy Wrap: Holds the ostomy bag snug against the body in an internal pocket.
  • CoverBand Ostomy Wrap: Holds the ostomy bag snug against the body.

All wraps can be worn 24/7 and customized with ActiveWearSwimWearRelaxedWear, and IntimateWear support specialization fabrics. Wraps contain no closures or neoprene and allow for the ostomy bag to be worn horizontally, diagonally, or vertically within the wrap.

Ostomy Pouch Covers   Ostomy Shower Covers   Ostomy Support Pillows

Ostomy pouch covers fully enclose your ostomy bag! 

  • Fully encloses the ostomy bag. The ostomy bag will no longer touch the skin.
  • Flip out pocket allows for draining without removing the cover, flex ring for easy equipping
  • Available in numerous colors, prints, kids fabrics, sports fabrics, embroidery designs, and a design your own embroidered cover option!



Ostomy shower covers are waterproof and reusable!

  • Waterproof fabric repels water keeping the ostomy bag filter dry & from becoming wet.
  • ​Reusable
  • Extends ostomy bag wear time.
  • ​Enjoy showering again on your terms.
  • Easy equip/unequip.
  • ​Available in fun colors and designs.
  Ostomy support pillow provides support against night-time rollover blowouts!
  • Made of plush materials for extreme comfort to sleep throughout the night.
  • Available in different colors to match your decor.
  • Available Upgrade: High density foam insert that serves as a weight barrier to allow you to sleep on your stomack. Keeps pressure off your ostomy bag, even when completely full.


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