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PouchWear is a series of ostomy bag support products and accessories that provide needed stoma care. What started out as an ostomy bag holder idea has transformed into a multi-product idea that thousands of ostomates have come to know and love. Providing four unique style ostomy support belts and wrap that will fit any ostomy, appliance, or personal wear style. We've since added a support specialization that creates the perfect belt or wrap for each specific case. Different specializations provide support from 'ActiveWear' (a high-tech wicking fabric and perforated neoprene belt to allow sweat and heat to pass through leaving your skin dry and cool) to SwimWear (advanced materials used in competitive water sports specifically designed to reduce drag and absorption) CustomWear (stretch fabrics that provide unique stylish computer generated graphic designs) or RelaxedWear (Ponte Roma fabric blend of polyester and rayon that provide the ultimate soft comfortable belt). Don't worry, you can do any and all of the listed above in any belt but we do provide the best possible way to do each.

We offer one of a kind upgrades that provide leak protection, increased muffling for gaseous noises, modifying accessories that allow for easy reordering saving you the cost of a new support belt or protecting your ostomy support belt investment with tailored adjustments as needed.

Additional products include ostomy shower covers that are a reusable waterproof way to protect the high cost of your ostomy appliance. Ostomy support pillows that provide a support insert for stomach and side sleeping without the fear of rollover blowouts. A high density foam middle serves as a weight barrier to keep pressure off your ostomy bag. Ostomy pouch covers to provide a unique look and style whether you want to sport your favorite team, create a smile with your child's favorite cartoon star, have something simple like a solid color or design, or one of our long lasting fun cool embroideries where you can choose from hundreds of choices or design your own and let your ostomy pouch cover become a work of art! 

We want to offer you all peace of mind that still suffer from the constant discomforts involved with having an ostomy. This is for the child who already has to deal with too much, the teenager who has enough pressure, the college student that needs to focus on studies, the business person who needs that security and comfort, the athlete who needs to be worry free when competing, the mother of father that has a family to focus on and the everyday person who just wants their life back. You too can have the security, confidence, the comfort, and the worry free ostomy life we deserve. Haven't we been through enough? 

PouchWear Ostomy Bag Holder
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PouchWear Ostomy Bag Holder

PouchWear Ostomy Bag Holder provides ostomy support solutions for the everyday ostomate to conceal, support, & protect.

PouchWear custom ostomy bag holder wear & ostomy support solutions. Providing the best in custom ostomy support soutions to improve the health & well-being of ostomates. Ostomy community, resources, & innovations for the everyday ostomate. 

Did You Know!

Studies estimate that there are an average of 120,000 new ostomies a year in the United States alone. Knowing this, it is unrealistic to assume that all ostomates would require the same type, or amount, of support. PouchWear Ostomy Bag Holder products aim to provide an array of options to fully customize the support for each unique ostomate.

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